Vito Mastics Pro

Adhesive system for Marble, Granite and Natural stones

Vito Mastics pro is a modified polyester resin based mastics which is used for joining and filling medium to large holes in marble and any kind of natural stone. It is available in 7 colors in solid and liquid form. This product is used for strong binding power & fast hardening.



Plastic/ Metal


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Area of Use: Adhesive system for Marble, Granite and Natural stones
How to Use Surface to be worked must be perfectly dry and free from dust and grease. Take required quantity of Vito Mastics Pro and add catalyst in a 2% ratio for the proper hardening. Mix well and apply the mix by putty knife within 5-10 minutes of mixing. Allow product to work for 3-4 hours for further polishing steps. The two components must be mixed accurately to obtain catalytic homogeneity.”

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