Seal Plus

Vito Seal Plus is all side protection sealer for Marble, Granite & Natural Stones, it is mainly used to protect very delicate porus stone to protect from dirt, dust, stain during construction, It is applied before installation of Marble to protect marble from all type of stains. It is a product    specially recommended for white & other light color Marble to protect from stains from back side of stone due to rising salts and other climatic conditions.

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Area of Use Recommended for all types of Porous Materials
Dilution The product should not be diluted.
Application Before applying SEAL PLUS, the surface should be cleaned. Once the surface is Perfectly clean and dry, SEAL PLUS can be applied using a flat brush or a roller; one or two coats should be applied uniformly, leaving 3-4 hours between each one. Let it settle the prouct for 3 hours to proceed for marble laying.

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