Wet look


VITO WET LOOK is the premium product to give a heavy protection with a smooth effect by enhancing its natural color for a very long period, It is specially recommended for a very smooth finish for a longer period on dark & medium color, Marble – Granite & Natural Stones”



Plastic/ Metal



Area of Use: Marble and Granite
How to Use The surface to be treated must be clean, dry, absorbing and free from traces of alien substances. Apply by paint brush and let the material absorb the product according to its natural porosity; rub gently to favor the penetration and to remove eventual excess of product on the surface that anyway no further application is needed, but in case of very absorbing stones a second coat allows the intensification of the wet effect. In any case it is suggested a preliminary test on a small hidden, part of the surface to control, after drying, the obtained effect. Solvent based product : do not apply on wet or humid materials or outdoor, in case of coming rains.

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